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TapShield is the market leader in mobile personal safety with enterprise grade solutions for emergency notification and response. With TapShield, you can dramatically reduce incident response times, lower risk and improve personal safety. For Universities and Colleges, TapShield transforms smartphones into mobile, social safety devices and sends GPS location and enhanced caller identification to incident management systems, reducing response times by up to 47%. For corporations, TapShield provides employees and executives with an instant two-way help point that works across the globe.

For colleges and universities, TapShield is the ideal next step in campus safety. Because it uses your existing mobile device, it is effective, social, and relevant for students and faculty, and it integrates seamlessly with back-end systems used by campus police.  Learn more >

For large corporations, oil refineries and enterprise organizations, TapShield is an enterprise mobile safety solution for employees and executives with an instant two-way help point that works across the globe. It dramatically reduces incident response times as it lowers risk and costs. Learn more >

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