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Simple to deploy.

TapShield is simple to setup and configure. This means you are up and running in a matter of days, not weeks. TapShield uses the latest in cloud and native mobile technologies. Distribution is a a breeze, because TapShield Mobile Safety Apps are available as a free download in app stores. For security personnel, our web-based incident response dashboard is accessible by logging onto the Shield Command website on your computer or tablet.

Since TapShield is cloud-hosted, you do not have to worry about maintaining software and we do not need access to your existing systems or data. We aim to make your job a breeze.

TapShield safety app

Reduce Organizational Risk.

While it is impossible to avoid risk altogether, innovation on a layered approach to security can make you better prepared when disaster strikes. TapShield increases readiness and response to threats against the people you protect every day.

We provide effective technology-based methods to share information about sexual assault, mental health, and campus violence — preventing incidents before they occur. TapShield is a discreet, two-way communication channel that students feel comfortable using in situations where anonymity is important, like sexual assault.  Thus, our technology improves Title IX compliance for colleges and universities.

Increase Security ROI.

A mobile safety solution provides a strong return on your security spend because there are no capital expenditures for hardware or software to install or maintain. TapShield works on the devices your employees, students or faculty already own – a smartphone. TapShield becomes a force multiplier on your campus because it leverages the campus community’s eyes and ears by increasing communication between students and public safety officials.


Your information is safe.

TapShield was built with privacy in mind. Information is not shared with anyone or stored anywhere, other than on your smartphone. Caller profile information is temporarily transmitted to dispatchers only when an emergency alert is sent. Caller information is viewable throughout the duration of a call and 24 hours thereafter, at which point it is purged.

For colleges and universities, HIPAA and FERPA’s security requirements are 100% met.


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